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"I have worked with Alisha for over 8 years and she is truly a remarkable therapist.... She is intuitive, patient, nurturing, kind, courageous, strong and sensitive.... I can honestly say that her work has changed my life. It has supported me through stress, difficulty, and injury; it has re-awakened joy and gratitude in my heart; it has given me back clarity and perspective when they were lost. Alisha has a deep understanding of both anatomy and physiology, and the energetic and subtle body. She works with your whole person in a way that is graceful, intimate, curious, knowing and respectful - arising instinctively from a place of deep listening."


~John M.

"I’m a physician and physically active adult that previously had not used massage therapy—until I found myself with significant new neck pain after a motor vehicle accident that several months of stretching, physical therapy, yoga, and everything else I could think of wasn’t resulting in healing.  My sister suggested massage, which brought pain relief.  However, it wasn’t until I had a massage with Alisha that massage therapy became transformative.  Alisha’s unique combination of both massage training and medical nursing knowledge allowed her to integrate both to result in a truly healing experience."  

 ~Teresa H.

"Alisha is a gifted massage therapist that I’ve had the good fortune working with since 2010. She is attentive and communicates clearly through-out each session. Alisha maintains a comforting balance of tenderness and strength dealing with my recurring issues. And her intuition consistently discovers tight and sore areas in need of attention that I didn’t even know existed. Her warm, friendly demeanor brings a compassionate energy to her work... I feel lucky to have found such an intuitive, empathetic, and professional massage therapist. Alisha’s help was instrumental in conquering my low back pain and sciatica." 


~Jamie U

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